We’ve removed the guesswork to our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is a deposit required?

Once your menu has been finalized, a 50% deposit secures your event booking and guarantees your date. Final payment is due 21 days prior to your event, although small changes may be possible up to this date. 

Does Catering by Freson Bros. bring all of the equipment for the buffet?

The Catering Team will bring all of the linen, chafing dishes, bowls, and tools to set up the buffet tables. At the time of booking, we will let you know what is required in terms of tables and accessibility to power (if needed). Please connect with your venue to ensure that the required items are available. When we leave one hour after the meal, we will take the buffet equipment with us.

What are the rental options for linen?

Black linens will be provided for any buffet, dessert, or coffee tables for which we are providing food. These linens will arrive with us one hour prior to the meal, and we will take them with us when we leave one hour after the meal.

If you would like to rent additional linens from us, it will be available for pickup from the local Freson Bros. store at noon the day prior to your event. These linens will need to be returned by you to the same Freson Bros. store between 7am to 9pm, on the day after your event. To take advantage of this option, a pre-authorization on your credit card will be required to cover any losses or damages.

What are the rental options for equipment or serving wares?

You can choose any of the three options available below, we are happy to work with whichever option you choose.

OPTION 1: You can rent directly from your preferred rental partner. They will assist with delivery, setup, and teardown options.

OPTION 2: Catering by Freson Bros. will organize and order the rentals and have them delivered to your venue. One hour after the meal, Catering by Freson Bros. will collect and remove all of the rental items that you are finished with and place them in their respective storage containers. You must arrange to collect, scrape, and organize any remaining rentals for pickup by the rental company the following morning. To take advantage of this option, a pre-authorization on your credit card will be required to cover any losses or damages.

Who busses the tables at the event?

Bussing of tables is included in the staffing fee for all events that utilize rental dishes. Please let us know ahead of your event if you’ve made other arrangements for bussing of tables, and we will be happy to remove this charge. If your event includes disposable dishes, bussing can be added for an additional charge.

When does Catering by Freson Bros. arrive/leave?

Catering by Freson Bros. typically arrives 60-90 minutes prior, depending on the size and complexity of your event. The departure time is approximately one to two hours after the start of your meal service. During this time, Catering by Freson Bros. will require clear access to the buffet area for setup/teardown so that we do not disturb your guests.

What does setup/teardown entail?

Catering by Freson Bros. is responsible for setup and teardown of all the buffet equipment we bring with us, but in order for us to focus on the food, we are unable to provide setup and teardown of tables, table settings, bar, glassware, decorations, etc.

What happens to any leftovers?

Any leftover food from the buffet will be packed into foil pans and left for you.

How/when do we provide a tip?

Catering by Freson Bros. does not charge any gratuity. However, if you would still like to pay gratuity, 100% will be donated to Kids with Cancer Society.